September 13, 2010

A (Baker's) Dozen of Kenner-isms

1.  Constantly jabbering in her "baby-Japanese-talk"
     (I have a boatload of home videos of this, but our Mac--for some reason--does not recognize our  
     Sony camcorder videos :(  Does anyone who is a computer whiz know how to rectify this 

2.  Getting the wits scared out of her anytime she hears the vacuum, blender, blow-dryer, toilet flush, or static on the TV when she changes the channel.  Any of these noises will guarantee her making a bee-line for Mommy so she can bury her head in my chest. Bad-mom confession: sometimes I like to turn the blow-dryer on whenever I'm aching for a little cuddle. :)

3.  Despite the above Kenner-ism, she has no problem tolerating the high decibels of noise that constantly fly out of her petite little mouth all day long :)

4.  Walking up next to any little boy and giving him a sqeeeeezy hug! (am I in trouble, or what!?)

5.  A recent obsession with"playing the piano" that I hope results in a little musical prodigy!
6.  Dancing!  This kid dances to ANY beat she hears: music on TV commercials, the sound of my cell phone ringing, but especially the booming that she hears/feels whenever we pull up next to an annoying car that has the bass turned way up.  I have the most awesome video of Kenners at 10-11 months shaking her thing to her fAvOriTe song, "Single Ladies", but you know, our dumb computer and its issues with recognizing our just imagine: chubby cheeks jiggling, a little hip action, and Mommy behind the camera about to pee her pants with laughter.

7.  Insisting that I read to her, only to rip the book from my hands two seconds later so that she can read to herself, then 10 seconds later giving the book back in a half-tantrum because she wants me to read again, and then grabbing it from me again almost immediately to "read" herself.  This cycle lasts as looooong as I allow it (about 30 seconds. and then followed by a big tantrum).

8.  Walking, walking, walking!  Kenadie would be completely happy to spend the entire day just walking around and talking to herself.  I wonder what goes on in that little mind.....

9. Most time not spent walking is spent playing on the desk chair with a book, blankie, teddy bear, cell phone, mixing spoon and bowl, or just alone in conversation with herself.

10.  Rarely wanting to cuddle or be close, but always making sure that an adult is within the vicinity.  Otherwise, she gets scared and cries, cries, cries!

11. Taking "Kena-bear" for rides in her grocery cart:

12. And then sCrEaMInG in frustration when she hits a roadblock that she can't maneuver around!

13.  Greeting everyone she sees with a loud, "Hi!!" It's pretty much the only real word that she speaks at this point, and I just love it!


Claire Christensen said...

I am so glad you love it! I love it too! She is she an independent little thing and will definitly leave her mark on this world!

Laura said...

Ha ha ha, Holly! That is too funny! I love seeing her grow up. I can very well relate to many of these little quarks, makes it even more fun to imagine the situations you write about with your cute Kenners!

Nicole said...

Holly, seriously!! I wanna cry she is just so dang cute!!!

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