September 15, 2010

Tress Stress

Up until a few weeks ago, this was the scene in our home whenever I did Kenners hair:
Screaming like a gut-shot panther,
Mom pinning Kenners inbetween her legs so Kenners would wriggle away,
followed by a lot of consoling after such a traumatic event.

Consequently, Kenners hair did not get done very often
and that's okay, because I don't have a dadgum clue about hair--remember how french braids are the bane of my existence??
Well, all of the sudden, Kenners decided that she likes having her hair done.
She insists that I hairspray her pigtails when I'm finished putting them in. 
Sure, she rips them out mid-day, but she always runs up wanting me to put them back in (the little twit!). 
This morning when she woke up and I went into her room to get her,
the first thing she saw were her two flower clips made by my sweet cousin Valorie,
and she demanded that I put them both on her head.

Don't worry.  I won't let her venture out into public like this,
but it sure is keeping her happy this morning!
She is checking her head every few minutes to make sure that they're still in. :) 
Love you, little toot!
Guess I really better start working on my french-braiding skills--or lack thereof!


Sabbie Isabella said...

Your first 2 pictures remind me of how it feels to try and teach 7th graders math! LOL

Happy day! C

The Wilson Family said...

Aww that is really too cute Holly, I am glad you don't have to fight her anymore. I saw Nissa and her little Soel at Walmart fun!

Nicole said...

SHe is so darn cute!!! I would totally take her out in public like that and be proud of her for making her hair beautiful!! Hehe

Claire Christensen said...

I would take her out in public like that also! She is super cute!!!

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