August 30, 2010

We are Family

My husband comes from a big family.
His dad is one of 7 children,
who all had a lot of children,
and who are now all having a lot more children.
In total there are currently 121 of us (with more on the way),
and every other summer we get together at Bear Lake, Utah to visit, play at the beach, play card games, play volleyball, ride wave-runners, go out on the boat for wake-boarding/wake-surfing/tubing, eat lots of food, and get very little sleep in-between.  
It's a blast! 
And we were apparently not the best at documenting the whole experience this year.
There are a lot of great moments we didn't capture on camera, but here are some pictures of our week at Bear Lake.

The whole gang:

All of Garrett's immediate family (minus Nicole, Kinau, and kids):

Our little family:

Garrett's wonderful parents who made our vacation so awesome:

Kyle and Talia's family:

Adrienne and Mandu's family:

Tyler and Marina:

Me and my beeeeeautiful sisters with Kenners and her precious little cousins :)

Some beach pics:
(Adee, found this one of your super-model husband.  Thought you'd like it....)

* Now just imagine awesome pictures in here of Garrett doing backflips and 360s on a wakeboard and a few less awesome pictures of me wakesurfing and getting massive whiplash while tubing. *

An early morning family walk to the park (thanks to little-miss-early-riser!):

and a few candids:
How's that for a picture overload!? 
(Sorry this is a yawn-yawn post, but I have to document this stuff, ya know?)

So there you go.  Our week at Bear Lake in a nutshell.  We loved seeing everyone and miss you all so much already!! :)


Taffy and Tony said...

What fun! I LOVE Bear Lake and familiy get-togethers, so I would imagine that if you combined the two, it would be one heck of a great time!

Claire Christensen said...

Oh my you are good!! What great pictures!!! I can't wait for our book of Bear Lake 1910. I'll email you our pics asap. Love you, miss you already

Claire Christensen said...

I guess I'll be waiting a long time for our 1910 Bear Lake Book. So how about our 2010 Book:)

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