August 31, 2010

Climb Every Mountain

That is essentially what we did with the rest of our vacation.
While Minnesota has its own beauty, I think I shed a little tear of joy when we landed in Utah and saw mountains!
   Seriously, how can anyone live without them!?
So we hiked up behind Squaw Peak:

We hiked to Bridalveil Falls:

Of course Garrett had to jump into the waterfall....

And then a few days later we picked up my little sis Hanna and hiked to Stewart Falls by Sundance.  It was heavenly.....

....and this time, we all decided to jump under the falls.....

....which were colder than death! 
Case in point, Garrett's brain freeze:

My muscular husband had Kenners on his back the whole way and I got some quality time with my sis.  Perfect!

Oh, how I loooove Utah and all its beauty.  It really was a fantastic vacation.
We spent a lot of time with Garrett's family, got to see my siblings Joey and Hanna, and enjoyed the beautiful mountains on top of it all! 
(The only thing that could have made it better would be to have had an extra week to see the dozen or so people that we wanted to see but couldn't.  :( Sorry to everyone who me missed!)

I might have shed a little tear of sorrow when we landed back in Minnesota and I saw that there were no mountains, but it's good to be home and get back into the groooove of things...back to life!


Claire Christensen said...

Fantastic Pics. I had no idea you did all that! I am impressed!!!

Meg said...

Hooray for mountains! These are great pictures, too. What kind of camera were you using?

Holly June said...

Canon Rebel XSI.
It was our Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy Anniversary present for the next two years :) and it was wellllll worth it!

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