August 8, 2010

Recipe for a Perfect Sunday Morning


1 well-rested Kenners (who actually slept through the night!!)
2 fluffy Kenner cheeks as a pre-breakfast snack
1 teddy bear to drag around the apartment
2 silky blankies to snuggle up with next to Mom and Dad
1 pair of chubby fingers to pound on the keyboard while Mommy plays and sings Primary songs
1 giant pan of German Puff Pancakes
20 minutes of tickles and giggles followed by...
5 minutes of hiccups
1 bottle of warm milk
5 minutes of precious time rocking my baby
1 napping child
1 1/2 hours of time to shower, get ready for church, and prepare my Nursery lesson

1. Mix together slowly all morning long and enjoy!  Happy Sunday, everyone! :)

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