August 6, 2010

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny!!!

That happens to be one of the many odd nicknames that this crazy sass goes by:
and today is her 20th birthday.
So here is a brag for my sister Hanna.
She is beautiful:
and she is studying to become a medical assistant:
(and apparently has a thing for anorexic men).
As a cancer survivor, she is one tough cookie:
And often, when I think of her, I still see this:
...a little toot toddling around the house in her diaper and copying every move her older siblings made.
(Love those sweet skates!)

So Happy Birthday, Hanna Banana.  
Can't WAIT to see you in a few weeks down in good old P-vo!!

1 comment:

Ellis family said...

Forget the skates! Your outfit is to die for!:)

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