August 9, 2010

Family Photo Shoot

Yesterday we had family pictures.
One of Garrett's friends has an amazing camera and is a great photographer and agreed to take some pictures of our little family surrounding the beautiful Centennial Lakes.
And then a few things put a damper on our little photo shoot:
It was 95 degrees with nearly 100% humidity--we were sweating like crazy.
Apparently 3 different wedding parties and numerous other photographers had penciled in this particular day to take pictures at the Lakes as well.
It was incredibly windy, so my hair was flying everywhere in just about every picture taken.
A day that was supposed to be cloudy (good lighting for pictures) turned sunny really fast (shadows and "squinty-Holly-eyes").
I was having one of those days when I just felt like poo.
Pretty much the only time Kenners wasn't screaming like a gut-shot panther was when we let her walk around (it is ALL she wants to do these days).

So, of course we got some great pictures of Kenners while she was wandering free:

We got a few fun candids:

and then Kenners ran through the fountains so we all decided to join in:
We may not have ended up with a family photo worthy of blowing up and framing for display in our living room,
it may have been an unbearably hot afternoon,
and we may now have a very damp car after the soggy drive home,
but at least we had fun!


this blog author said...

I think EVERY photograph is OUTSTANDING!! You had a terrific person taking these for you- they are perfect!!!

Hope you are feeling alright. Any word yet?

Happy night! :)

George and Heidi Skinner said...

These are absolutely adorable!! She is just getting cuter by the day!

Kristy said...

I love that even your soggy pictures say, "Wow, my family is full of models!" You are all gorgeous! I think any photo shoot that ends with running through the fountains is a success. Cute, cute!!

Meg said...

I second Kristy's comment. Your family is ridiculously cute! And, I think the one of you walking with Kenners is totally worthy of the wall above the mantle (or wherever).

Merkley Jiating said...

I love the whole first collage. They would all be perfect for the living room. The second collage is also full of adorable pictures, but I am not sure if those are mantle material. :)

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