May 23, 2010

Sunday Letters

Dear Nursery Children:
Puh-leeeease do not eat me alive on my first official day as your Nursery leader.  I have fun little props for music and lesson time, I have fishy crackers for snack-time, and I promise you plenty of play time with bubbles.  So would you mind being extra nice today?  Thanks!
       Sister Holly

Dear Kenadie:
Please take a nice long nap this morning to ensure a smoother/less-tearful two hours of Nursery.

Dear Family in Portugal on vacation:
While I would NEVER want to fly all that way with Kenners (we saw what a mere 3 hour place ride produced), I really wish I could be having the time of my life with you all and am sad that Katie and I are missing out.  :(  Take lots of pictures and be prepared to tell lots of stories when you get back!  I'm so excited for you guys and have sooooo much fun!
Most sincerely,

Dear little Old Alzheimer People:
Would you mind taking care of your own feet this next month?  Cuz I am kind of feeling like I don't want to right now.
All my lazy love,
    Nurse Holly

Dearest Gar:
Congrats on passing all sections of boards!! (whew!)  Only 2 more rounds of boards, a little over a year left of school, and we can really celebrate!  I am so proud of you.
Also, while I am very glad of your dedication to spend your free time shadowing other chiropractors and going to seminars, can you please keep next weekend free?  It would be nice to see you again.
   Your Wife

Dear Christensen Family,
I am trying my best to find a way to speed up time until August when we get to see you at Bear Lake.  Can. Not. Wait!
Ready to Party,

Dear Reynolds Family,
Bear Lake is not going to be nearly as fun without you.
Wanting to cry because I don't know when we'll see you again,
Sister and Auntie Holly

Dear dirty kitchen and floors,
I did lots of laundry, sewing, and peek-a-booing yesterday.  Sorry you were neglected.  Let's get together after work, dinner, Family Home Evening, and putting the child to bed......or maybe we'll postpone the party until Tuesday morning? 
   The Lazy Housekeeper

Dear Hair:
I just love you since I had you cut short.  Lots.  That is all.
Stylishly yours,


Tina said...

Okay, you are hilarious! Loved that post!

Taylor said...

I hope your first day as nursery goddess went well!

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