May 25, 2010


While finishing the dishes the other day,
I peeked my head into the living room to see that Kenners had found the diaper wipes.
There were about twenty wipes all over the floor
and Kenners was holding a few of them like pom=poms and excitedly shaking them.
Instead of getting frustrated at the waste of wipes, I sat down beside her
and noticed that our carpet is in need of some major cleaning.  
(With Kenadie's mobility has come spots of food and formula/juice from her sippys.  It really looks so lovely.)
So I took one of the wipes and began scrubbing the nearest spots on the carpet.....I even found a smashed veggie straw stuck into the carpet fibers!  Nice.
Kenners sat there for awhile looking at me. 
Then she took her pom-poms and began to vigorously scrub the carpet, too.
What a little helper!  

After a few minutes of carpet scrubbing,
she got bored and tooted over to the keyboard where she stood up by it, pushed on the keys that she could barely reach, and started to sing!
(I can hardly stand her cuteness.)
After a 5 minute Kenners Concert, Little Miss moved over to what I have affectionately dubbed
"Kenadie's Corner".
It's home to most of her toys,
but she mostly prefers to talk to her reflection in the sliding glass door (a la Anne of Green Gables) while playing with a stash of index cards that I keep in the desk for her.

So within the span of 10 minutes:
Tirelessly scrubbing the floors,
Singing in high-pitched, breathy trills
and then entering a magical world where she speaks to who-knows-who through the window.
Clearly, she is Disney Princess in training.
Let's just hope that Prince Charming waits until much after her 16th birthday to make his grand entrance into her life....


Crystal said...

She is adorable! I am definitely nervous for when Ruby starts getting around and into things.

Tara and Bryce Raleigh said...

She is so cute! Elle is the wame way with the wipes, if she could she would carry them around all day long! So funny! She always finds the pack in the car and has them all over! When we go into a store and I clean off the cart with the wipes I HAVE to give her one of her wipes from my bag or she throws a FIT. oh the joys of motherhood!!! So fun!

miss you guys!

Claire Christensen said...

Kenadie is so smart! That goes to show you how she watches and learns. It's so great that she has such a wonderful mom to learn from. Kenadie is learning from the best!!!

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