April 29, 2010

Molten Chocolate Cake and a Haircut

This vacation to San Diego has seen a lot of junk-food-eating on my behalf.
I justify it with the fact that I'm doing P90X every morning
causing me such soreness eVeRY day this vacation that it hurts to sit on the toilet seat (and don't pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about!).
So naturally, the other day
I was enjoying a few (or maybe half a dozen) Dove Promises.
I love Dove Promises.
It's like a Hershey's Kiss, but creamier and yummier (and bigger, which means "better", right?!).
I also get a kick out of the "inspirational" quotes on the insides of the foil wrappers.
Could anything be more inspirational than a message that says, "enjoy your Dove Promise and let your mind unwind"!?
I mean, seriously.
But the other day, I did find a little nugget of gold inside my wrapper:
A message that told me to go to www.dovechocolate.com
to find recipes.
Recipes for making chocolatey things!?
I think I was on the website within 30 seconds
and let me tell you, there are some deeeevine-lookin' recipes on there for anything from chocolate pumpkin rolls, to Irish chocolate cheesecake.
But I was really drawn to the molten chocolate cake....
...so we made some.
And let me tell you, Chili's ain't got nothin' on this molten chocolate cake!
It was the most delicious thing ever.
So delicious that the cakes were devoured before I could take pictures.
Seriously, stop wasting your time and just GO HERE and make some right now.
I know, your waistline may not thank me for it, but your tastebuds sure will.
Anyhow, just go do some P90X afterwards.
It feels like you burn at least 1000 calories or something per workout, so you'll probably more than make-up for it. (Sorry if you can't sit on the toilet seat afterwards).
And if you'd like to bake your molten chocolate cake with some nice new cookware,
don't forget to sign up to enter my $40 gift card giveaway to use on any of CSN's online stores
(like cookware.com, for example).
There are only 5 more days until I pick a winner!!

Oh, yes.
I chopped my hair off and got it highlighted yesterday.
After 11 years of pretty much this:

I have gone to this:
and I love it.


this blog author said...

LOVE the new haircut!! I want it!!

Please add me to your list of readers. (T's aunt, from the mission)

Kristy said...

Super cute haircut! (Not that I'm surprised, of course). Glad you're having fun and thanks for posting the delicious sounding recipe! Of course I"m going to try it!

Kristy said...

ps-do you remember in Southridge when we ate Megan's dove chocolates she'd gotten for RS activity so we could read the funny sayings inside? Remember how we rewrapped the ones we didn't want? HAHA!! GOod thing Meg was so understanding!

Talia said...

P90X.... not only can you not sit on the toilet!... you can't sneeze, or cough, or pick up the baby, or walk, or roll over in bed...etc. Pretty much you can't do anything that involves moving a muscle!!!

Crystal said...

I made the chocolate mousse from the Dove website tonight - delish!

this blog author said...

Since you have been writing about chocolate, I thought you mght appreciate this chocolate "quiz" if you have not already seen it:

(Yes, here is the Math teacher coming out in me):

1. Write down how many times a week you want to eat chocolate. Your number must be greater than one and less than ten.

2. Times your number by two.

3. Now, add five.

4. Multiply the result by fifty.

5. If you have already had your birthday this year, add 1,760. If you have not yet had your birthday, add 1,759.

6. From this result, subtract your four-digit birth year.

7. Your answer will have three digits in it. The first number will be your original number, how many times a week you want to eat chocolate. The remaining two numbers will be your age.

I know. Pretty cool, huh?

(And, you may not recognize me in your comments section. My picture used to be a red Ducati motorcyle, and my "name" was "me". I have recently created a new blog and revamped the old picture and name. I am Taylor's (from G's mission) aunt and really enjoy reading your blog. You have a fun personality and great, optimistic energy. Garrett is lucky to have you. :)

Happy night!

The Allen Family said...

So, I just found your blog on Brooke's. LOVE THE NEW HAIR! I can't wait to see it in person. It is seriously so cute! I'm glad you had such an awesome trip. I will send you an invite to our blog. It's private. Glad I found ya!

yo mama said...

OK, I am not so sure of your motives for sending us, your OLD parents, the P90x workouts as a present. It is sounding pretty sadistical, especially after reading talias comments about it. Do you really love us or what?

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