April 25, 2010

Holly Git Yer Gun

 We went up into the mountains of Ramona the other day to do some shooting. 
It was beautiful, but windy and cold (after a week in San Diego, I still have no visible tan. Lame.)
I mostly went along for the scenery and the view...

.....and to document the men boys having their fun....

After practicing shooting paper targets, apples, and oranges
they couldn't resist going all-out and shooting two handguns at once:

.....see? boys!
(Or, if you asked them, this is what makes them men!?)
But I think I held my own pretty well...

And while we were out,
Kenadie stayed at home with Grandma and took a bath in the kitchen sink!
(Is she not just the perfect replica of a Gerber baby?!)

Sorry, but I just can't get enough!

1 comment:

Adrienne said...

Oh soooo cute Kenners!

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