March 11, 2010

Kenadie's Crankiness Cure:

A bubble bath!
(Works for babies and mommas alike!)
I can't get enough of my little toot.  Life is so so so so so awesome with her
and I am completely happy right now.


Anonymous said...

I know you do not know me- I am one of Taylor's aunts (Garrett's missionary companion). But, I have to say, you have OCB- one cute baby!! :)

Adrienne said...

Oh so cute! Kenadie is so precious and I love to see all the pictures, she's so big!!!

Holly June said...

Taylor's aunt:

We love (and miss) Taylor!

Thanks for visiting our blog!

And thank-you! We think she's a pretty cute baby, although we're a bit biased. :)

Nicole said...

Oh I love your cute blog! Bubble baths are classic and fun! :)

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