March 12, 2010

Is this how YOU decorate the nursery?

I'm not a talented home decorator.
And it's kind of hard to make a teeny tiny apartment look fresh and clean and cutely decorated, especially when it's littered with baby stuff.
Despite these cramped conditions, I somehow managed to make Kenadie's room still look cute: fun pictures on the walls, cute little mobile on her crib, cute crib bedding......a pretty decent job considering who was doing the decorating. :)
However, Kenners has some issues when it comes to sleep.
She takes 15 minute naps but then fusses all day, she has fun trying to climb the crib bars and rip the bumper off, and I caught her at 3am once playing with her mobile.  
So I got rid of the mobile and the bumper.  But then she would get her legs stuck between the crib bars and scream like a gut-shot panther (in my Grannie's words).
The frustrating thing is that at day care my little toot naps for at least 2 hours straight.  Wha!?!?  
She puts Kenners in a pack-and-play in a completely dark walk-in closet and that little stinker sleeps soundly.
Well, I don't have a walk-in closet and our window blinds don't make the rooms pitch black.
So I hung up a thick jean quilt (made by the one and only Grannie!) over Kenadie's window to see if the complete darkness will help her naps last longer.  I also covered the sides of Kenadie's crib with blankets and tucked them into the mattress so she couldn't get her chubby little legs stuck between the bars anymore.  
The result:

  Any and all attempts to have a cute room for my baby have been pulverized.
It's looking pretty ghetto-fab in there!
However: Kenadie has been napping for two hours every afternoon this week. :)
I will sacrifice home decorating for that any day!


Kristy said...

That's GREAT! Cute decoration are an easy sacrifice for a well-rested and happy baby!!

Adrienne said...

Awesome! I would so have a ghetto nursery too if it meant SLEEP!!!

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