March 28, 2010

Grateful Sunday

Today I am grateful to be the mother of a baby who has had some major colic (and now crankiness) issues.
Seems odd, I know. 
But there really are some plus sides.
For example:
My toothless (and nearly 9 month old) little Kenners cut her first 3 teeth these past 2 days. 
I have heard (and witnessed) what a nightmare teething babies can be because they are cranky, snotty, drooly, and suddenly cry all night long.
I was really nervous for Kenadie to start teething because she is already Little Miss 'Tude.
Well, turns out I never even knew she was teething until I saw those jaggedy little pearly whites poking through her gums.
It's been actually quite heavenly. 
Has she been super pleasant?
But she hasn't been anything outside of her normal, cantankerous self.
And that, I can handle. 
So I am grateful today that Kenadie isn't always Suzy Sunshine, because teething is not the nightmare I had anticipated.
Will I eat my words later?
But today, I'm blissfully grateful (and happy!).

Oh, and could I get a picture of those pearly whites for documentation?
Not on your life. 
She has learned pretty quickly to clamp that mouth shut tight whenever my fingers get close.

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