March 30, 2010

Dinner at the Christensens'

Last night we had
Avocado Salmon Burgers
(with strawberries and veggies on the side)

My detox/cleanse is OVER (thank heavens!)
but I am still trying to eat as healthy as I can. 

Bummer: a lot of health foods aren't that "yummy" (like quinoa and buckwheat, which I recently discovered and hope to never eat again).
Lucky for me: salmon, avocados, tomato, whole wheat buns, and strawberries are healthy AND taste so good! 

Bummer: after eating the delicious meal above, there are dishes to be done, and we have a very old, rickety dishwasher.
Lucky for me: Kenners likes to help do the dishes!

Burgers were eaten, bellies were filled, dishes were done.
 (That was in honor of President Thomas S. Monson 
and our church's General Conference which is coming up this weekend.
I am so excited for it!) 

1 comment:

Meg said...

I love when you use the passive in your writing in honor of Pres. Monson!

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