March 27, 2010

'Til You Drop

Ugh.  I hate it.
I'm sure I'd love to shop if the word "budget" wasn't such a large and essential part of my vocabulary.
 I'm not speaking of thrift store shopping (because I actually love that!).
No, I'm talking about going-to-the-mall kind of shopping.

Lately, the thrift store has not produced a lot of good shopping and both my wardrobe and Garrett's are looking pretty shabby.
(For example, I have two pair of has a fatty grease stain on it and the "newest" and "nicest" pair are nearly seven years old.  Also, I still have quite a few clothes in my closet from high school and college....most of them bought at thrift stores, now falling apart or full of holes.) much as I don't like it (and as much as Garrett detests it), we drove up to the outlet mall today to try and replace our rags with clothing.
It was a very successful trip for Garrett and he found some killer deals.
It was not so successful for me and I am cranky about it.
Although I am grateful to be tall and thin,
it is frustrating that so many malls (including outlets) don't carry the long lengths of jeans in my size.
(No wonder I haven't found a decent pair of jeans in 7 years.)Oh, and I'm cheap.  I don't have $100s to drop on a pair of designer jeans that are long enough.
So, no new jeans for me.
I also needed some church shoes, because mine are literally falling apart.
But the only shoes I could find for under $50 were ugly, old-lady-shoes.
Garrett says I'm too picky.
I say that although I may not be a trend-setter, I'm definitely not ready to look like a 70 year old grandma yet.
It was kind of a bummer trip for me, and reminded me why I really don't like shopping.

The icing on the cake of our trip was dragging around a teething, cranky Kenners who had a big blow-out in the Gap store and was a nightmare to clean up in the nasty public restroom because she would get scared, freak-out, and try to climb off the changing table every time someone flushed the toilet or turned on the hand-dryer.  (Needless to say, it was a poopy, poopy, mess.)
And now after that full day of shopping, my feet hurt. A lot.
Someday, I'm going to be rich.
And I decided that instead of going to ANY sort of mall to do my shopping,
I will either shop online
or hire some poor soul to go to the mall for me.
The End.


Julie (Bangerter) Doud said...

Try Kohl's! It's the best middle ground and they have fantastic deals most of the time.

Holly June said...

I do love Kohl's!
Although they still don't have jeans long enough for my dang legs!!

George and Heidi Skinner said...

Nah, when you're rich, you'll like shopping, because the word "budget" isn't so much in the foreground! And those $100 (by the way, they're around $150-$'s rediculous!) pair of jeans will actually be something you (and I!) could afford! :) So shopping would be amazing rich! PS-I have the same length problem, not because I'm abnormally tall, but because I have no waist to speak of....just an upper body attached to legs. Oh, and it KILLED me, but a couple years ago, I bought 2 pairs of those designer jeans at Nordstroms Rack for around $60 each (which is still atrociously expensive for me), but seriously, one of the best purchases I've ever made! Just a suggestion... :) Good luck!

Talia said...

I totally agree with Heidi! Do you guys have Nordstrom Rack?! That is where I do all of my shopping (when I get to :]) It is the only place I can buy jeans that fit me.

If you don't have the Rack, then maybe you and Kenners just need to make a trip down to CO and we can have a girls weekend and shop til we DROP!! :) he he!

Love you Holly!

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