February 3, 2015

My Big-Little One Year Old

So I'm pretty sure that just a little over a month ago I was pregnant and waiting for Soren to join our family.  But apparently that was well over a year ago, because last month my baby turned one.  For years and years people have told me how time seems to go by exponentially faster with each kid you have.  It's so true.  This last year has been a whirlwind and a blur, and I feel like I must have been cheated out of time with baby Soren because my mind still can't comprehend that he is a walking little toddler now!  A few things about our little Man-Cub.....

Soren is a teething machine!  By the time he was 8 months old he had eight teeth.  At 12 months he had all four of his molars.  He is now working on his canine/eye teeth; one has popped through and 2 more are on the way.  I can't wait for this teething phase to be over.  He has by far been my crankiest and saddest teether and the past few months have made for a very teary and clingy little boy.

Until he was 10 monts old, Soren was a pretty quiet guy.  He rarely cooed or babbled and the only sounds that usually came out of him was crying when he was tired, hungry, or wanted to be held.  But the past few months he has found his voice!  He loves to shake his head and tell us "no no" when his sisters (and mommy) smother him with too many kisses, and he loves to babble and tell us stories.  He has also found his loud, angry voice and as his spunky and strong little personality begins to shine more and more, I'm starting to doubt my prediction that I would get a more mellow, easy-going child.  Oh, well.  Bring on the tantrum phase! ;)
Meeting "Dr. Santa", who helped deliver him last New Year's Eve

Soren loves to give kisses.  Lately he usually reserves them for other babies or kids, but sometimes he generously plants a few open-mouthed, slobbery kisses on his mama and I love it.

Soren loves spending time with Garrett and especially loves seeing him at work in the kitchen.  Because Garrett continues to usually get home from work after the kids are in bed, we get the kids up early so that we can at least eat breakfast together as a family.  While I get the kids ready, Garrett prepares breakfast and Soren loves to join and observe him at work.  They are two little peas in a pod.

While Soren has become increasingly partial to his dad's company, he still loves his mommy.  Though his increasing clinginess and separation anxiety is sometimes frustrating, I love that he remains so snuggly.

Making dinner is a little more difficult when your pant leg is being constantly tugged on. :)

Soren is a social kid and does not like to be left alone or play without someone right by his side.  His sisters are the best playmates and little mothers.

Soren took his first steps January 19th and is walking more and more every day.    He is pretty pleased with this new party trick.  He is also a champ at climbing up and down the stairs.

Soren loves his grandma's homemade rolls, bananas, drinking out of a cup, and eating whatever the family is having.

Life is rough when there's no more chocolate.

Besides mommy, daddy, and his sisters, Soren's favorite person is his Grandpa Willardson (with Grandma a close second).  

It is fun for them to share a birthday and this year my brother Bret and his family were up for the Christmas holiday so they got to join in on Soren's birthday bash.

Soren got a football smash cake with football cupcakes for his birthday this year.

And that kid DEVOURED his cake. (Another Christensen chocaholic in the books).

And he loved opening his presents (spoiled little boy).

Just days after his birthday, Soren had to go under the knife to have a hypospadias repair.  Though the final bill has given me a few heart palpitations, we are so grateful for good doctors and nurses that made it a good experience and we feel so fortunate that our boy didn't require surgery for anything life-threatening.  We sure are grateful that all three of our children are healthy and happy.

Is he not the cutest little surgical patient a nurse could ask for?!  Before they wheeled him into the OR he was given a sedative to help relax him.  His zoned-out and content expression while he sat in his bed holding his bear as they wheeled him away was just about the cutest sight on the planet.  Luckily recovery was pretty quick and hasn't slowed him down much at all.

We love having a walking, squawking, smiling, energetic, fun little boy in our family.  He is too cute and too much fun.  I wish we could clone him. :)

I think my sister hit the nail on the head by describing his eyebrows and Pooh Bear brows.  They melt my heart!

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