February 3, 2015


This girl:

is a downright hoot.
She ensures that life is never dull while Kenadie is at school and she always keeps me laughing.  She is constantly chatting away, but her conversations don't always make sense.  For example, here's what Lila told me this morning: "Mom, I want to have a fruit snack because you make me sad in my heart and I want to be at my house and not eat nasty bananas!" Umm......okay?!?
But honestly, this is quite typical of Lila's chatter..........

A few weeks before Christmas I was explaining to Lila that we don't want to keep the Christmas tree lights on all day and night because it uses a lot of electricity and if the bulbs are on too long they could get hot and start a fire........
Lila: But Mom, I want our house to be on fire!
Mom: No you don't Lila.  All our things would burn and get ruined and it would be dangerous!
Lila: Oh, come on, Mom!  It would be fun!

After watching Kenadie get on the school bus one morning, a sad Lila said she wished she could be 4 so she could ride the bus (don't know why she thinks 4 is the magic age).  Trying to comfort her, I said, "Hey, why don't we go inside and snuggle while reading some books?"  Lila huffed back, "NO!  And I'm not going to be happy in my heart.  I'm going to be NASTY in my heart!!  And I'm going to break your heart so much!"

She has this fixation with the phrase "happy/nasty in my heart" lately; I think it's because we had a family night where we discussed service and different ways we can serve others.  We told the girls that sometimes just smiling at someone can help make them happy, and that's a good way to give service.  So these days when she's trying to turn on the charm, Lila will smile at me REAL big, I'll say something like, "Oh, thank you!  That makes my heart so happy!"  And she'll nonchalantly reply, "Yep, I made you happy in your heart, and that's good service."

A few days after Christmas while snuggling with Lila on the couch, I asked her if she was still my baby.  Her chipper response? "Yep!  So bite my ear!  I have purple eyeballssssss."

My mom was babysitting my kids one day recently while I was at work and at one point, Lila went up to my mom and said, "Grandma, I want to watch a scary movie."  My mom replied, "A scary movie?!  Are you sure??"  And Lila responded, "Yep, and they eat the humans!" (This, of course, shocked my mom--and me!--as I don't let the kids watch scary movies and I have no clue where the concept of "eating humans" came from?!  Yikes!!  Nonetheless, I still regularly laugh over it!)

Lila is becoming more and more of a picky eater lately.....unless I am the one shoveling the food into her mouth.  I don't get it.  The other day she was telling me that salmon is "nasty" but then wanted to eat all the salmon from my fork.  Weird.  Her most recent reason for why she doesn't like just about every food (besides fruit snacks)? "Mom, I don't want to eat (or drink) it.  It's full of bubbles."  Yup.  Apparently salmon, eggs, bread, bacon, veggies, even fruit are all "full of bubbles".  And sometimes they're full of frogs.  Hmmmm...

So there you have the weird world of Lila's speech!

A few other Lila-isms......

It isn't uncommon for me to find a few hundred Lila selfies on my iPhone:

Lila has been a massive thumb-sucker.  I've known that I need to break this habit, but was afraid of what the repercussions might be at night when she couldn't suck her thumb while falling asleep.  But I finally got brave and ordered this stuff:

Let's just call it liquid magic.  24 hours after applying this "special nail polish" (Lila loves nail polish), and we no longer have a thumb-sucker!  I'm hoping this will dramatically decrease future orthodontic bills (fingers crossed!).  The best part is that Lila was more than happy to fall asleep without a peep because who would want to have that "nasty thumb" in their mouth?!  Unfortunately there have been a few nights where I think she has popped her thumb into her mouth while sleeping because the next morning she refuses to talk, swallow, or eat (sometimes for hours), keeps her cheeks puffed out and mouth closed, and when I ask her if it's because of the nasty nail polish, she nods her head and whimpers.  Makes me feel a little bad.......

Lila remains my child with the strongest sweet tooth and would be happy to live off of fruit snacks.

Lila loves to go to "Tumble Buddies", a cute little gym class for toddlers at the gym we attend.  It is "her thing" since she can't go to school with Kenadie and she insists that it is "my school". :)

Lila has graduated from Nursery to being a "Sunbeam" in our church's Primary. She loves learning and singing with the big kids.

Despite all her sass, spunk, typical toddler meltdowns, and hilarious catch-phrases, Lila remains (for the most part), such an easy, agreeable, fun, and obedient girl.  We sure do love this girl to pieces.  She is too much fun.

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