July 16, 2014

The Butte

I have aspirations of getting back into killer shape so that I can begin doing rigorous hiking again.  I'd love to hike Byer's Peak and Pioneer Peak and complete the 20+ mile hike through Crow Pass.
However, these worthy goals of many an Alaskan hiker are a little hard to accomplish with 3 kids in tow and it takes a lot for me to suck it up and spend the money to get a babysitter these days......so we are left with a few options of easier hikes that the kids can handle (plus, I'm not in killer shape).

While Hanna and Sandy were up visiting, all the Willardson crew took Kenadie's birthday afternoon to go hike the infamous Butte.  The 360 degree view from up top is gorgeous and with the kids in tow (meaning, I did end up carrying Lila practically the whole way up--stinker), we made it up in less than an hour.
Our five-year old as we began our ascent:

About half-way up, I told Kenadie and Lila to smile for the camera so I could get a picture with them in front of our beautiful Pioneer Peak, and this is the pose they both struck:
Yep, I'm in trouble.

More pics along the way......

(Uncle Sandy and Baby Lila have had a special bond since she was a wee thing.  Melts my heart.)

Grandpa helping Kenadie on the treacherous, rocky parts:

And here are some pictures from the top:

Me and my seesters (and Hanna's little boy and girl buns-in-the-oven!):

A very grainy picture of Kenadie harnessing "body sass" and Lila demonstrating the "bend-and-snap":
 Again, in trouble.  I think Garrett and I may have some exciting teen years on our hands in the future. ;)

What a blast!  If only I had an army of helpers several times a week to help me corral and carry the children, I'd go a lot more often.  I sure do love our beautiful valley. 

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