July 7, 2014


This little princess
recently turned 5! 
I sure do love my sassy Kenadie.  In the words of her former babysitter while we lived in Minnesota (who I miss dearly), "The world woke up when Kenadie came into it!" 
She is not shy to speak her mind, make new friends, throw a colossal tantrum, sing at the top of her lungs, go after what she wants, or stick with a task until she's done.  So long as she channels her energy in positive directions, she is going to be one amazing force for good in the world! 

At five years old this little girl:
loves My Little Ponies and Polly Pocket princesses
loves the color blue (thanks to Elsa from "Frozen")
enjoys playing with her sister and making her baby brother laugh
loves to help me cook and bake
is super tall
has an obsession with coloring
is learning to read and LOVES it
helps her mom do the laundry and folds her own clothes
loves playing at Grandma's house
plans on being  Colony Knight someday like her Auntie Annie
cleans her own bathroom (with help)
loves spending time with her daddy
wants to learn to play the guitar and piano
enjoys reading scriptures and saying her own prayers at night
and cannot wait until kindergarten starts and looks forward to riding the school bus.

She is growing up way too fast. 
She still loves to test her mommy but I love every ounce of her little being and feel like one lucky mom to have such a beautiful and vivacious girl in my life.  

She is currently obsessed with a little fairy princess/warrior named Aurora from a video game called "Child of Light" and she reeeeally wanted a Child of Light themed birthday party, so we had a fun time decorating princess crowns, playing in the sprinklers, jumping on the trampoline, and eating yummy cupcakes on her birthday.

Pretty simple and low key, but she thought it was the greatest party ever.
And she was so excited to dress up as Aurora with a gold crown, dress, and of course her very own sword.  

Happiest birthday, Miss Kennergy! 
You sure are a priceless joy to your family.

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Duck said...

Happy birthday to the gal! She and Maxx are both starting school this fall- hard to believe they are already 5!! Maybe they will meet each other someday and fall in love. That would be cute. And, a small world. :) Happy day, Cheryl

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