November 6, 2013

Halloween a Week Late

Behold: Kenadie, the "Unicorn Pegasus Pony":

Lila, the most "Pity Cinnerella":

And their misfit parents:
(PS.  The picture of Jesus in the background makes this photo priceless--we were at a church party, and yes, we are Youth Leaders! :)

Our costume of choice this year was the "Punk Rockers"

When my dad saw me in this get-up (the pregnant belly was the cherry on top of this costume, dontcha think?!), he profusely thanked me for not doing this to him 15 years ago and renamed my costume "A Father's Worst Nightmare". :) 

Needless to say, we have far too much fun on Halloween around here and my kids have eaten far too much candy; however, it was nice to have the Halloween festivities around to give us some fun and a break from all this moving business (we are finally almost settled into our new place, what a relief!). 

Here's another shot of the Unicorn Pegasus Pony, trying to stick out her tongue and give the camera the "rock on" sign like her punk rock parents:

And getting her face painted at the Halloween Hallow:

And participating in the cake walk (her favorite carnival game):

And (completely not Halloween-related), Lila passed out after such a crazy, sleep-deprived month.  

I think we could all use some serious naps around here...

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