November 6, 2013

Everything you ever/never wanted to know about my week

*** Here's a post that I started to write several weeks ago.  I thought about just tossing it out, but since it documents some of our goings-on in life, I figured to just slap it up here anyway.  I can happily say that we are finally moved, the girls are no longer sick, and Halloween was successful, although my desire to smell Dawn dish soap and chlorine is ever present. ***

1. My pregnant olfactory nerve has gone haywire.  I constantly want to smell Dawn dish soap or chlorine but still could do without savory food smells.  So weird.

2. Starting a small business (in our case a chiropractic practice) involves insane amounts of work, math, time, and a decent helping of stress.  So much to learn on so little brain cells!

3. Kenadie and Lila have been sick.  I got to sleep in Kenadie's tiny bed last night next to her 104 degree burning body while she hacked up a lung and I *prayed* to somehow not get sick as well.

4. Parent-teacher conferences were this week and while I'm sure some parents would be eagerly wanting to know how their child was doing in the learning arena, I was just so glad to hear that Kenadie is kind to the other kids in her class and follows directions and listens well in class.  Whew!
5. As a nurse I used to think it was weird that people would come into the ER thinking that they were having a heart attack only to learn that it was a bad case of heartburn/indigestion.  How could you possibly mistake the two?!  And then I experienced my own pregnancy-induced heartburn attacks, and now I can understand.  You poor, poor souls who deal with heartburn when you aren't even pregnant; I feel for you.

6. I completely spaced and forgot about Kenadie's urologist appointment this week.  I was so upset that I cried all morning.  One more month's wait to get in again to see the urologist.  Darn my forgetfulness!

7. Baby boy is happy as a clam being breech--time to start trying to turn this baby around so I don't risk out of midwifery care and end up having to have a c-section.  Good thing I have a chiropractor handy! ;)

8. I think I have become the world's best mom by having a "Unicorn Pegasus Pony" costume ready to go for Kenadie this Halloween.  Score one from mommy!

9. You think you are a very neat, clean, clutter-free person until you have to pack up and clean  the house spotless.   So much more work than I had anticipated--or I'm just incredibly slow at this packing and cleaning gig this time around. 

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