October 17, 2013

I need to stop jinxing myself

Once upon a time I wrote about how busy September was
and how much I was looking forward to a quieter October.......
and now we are suddenly moving out of our house and need to find somewhere new to live by November 1st, I started my new job as a substitute school nurse at my old high school yesterday (which was busy and yet totally awesome at the same time), Garrett is working crazy-long hours, and he has me creating a website and facebook page for his business (both of which I don't really know how to do) while I start the ever-fun process of packing, selling things on craigslist, and everything else fun that comes with moving.  Add all the other normal, daily life happenings into the mix and yikes!  I will never mention being too busy again, because being busier than "too busy" while being pregnant (along with a return of horrendous morning sickness and migraines?!  What gives?) is a little tiring. 

I must say that I haven't been 100% productive and nose-to-the-grindstone like I should be.  I've wasted spent quite a bit of time lately lost in this bad boy:

Can't put it down!
It's definitely not the Frankenstein story I think most people come to expect thanks to the Frankenstein that Halloween portrays.  It is a well written and classic piece of literature that has stretched my stupefied, pregnant brain cells and caused me to reflect on religion, social norms, morality, and a slew of other philosophical musings.  
Good thing Book Club is tomorrow so I can finish this book today and then get back to the 587 other things I need to do in the next few weeks!

Luckily in all the busy-ness and chaos of the month, I have these little cuties to ground me and keep me laughing with their antics:

They have been so good to deal with such a busy mommy and daddy, even when naps, diaper changes, and playtime with them sometimes (sadly) get neglected.

I don't know what Garrett and I would do without our precious girls.  We sure are lucky parents. :) 

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