June 20, 2013

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

 I took this little gem today before we headed over to Grannie's pond for a early evening swim.
I love this picture. 
My girls holding hands. 
Lila saying cheese and looking to Kenadie--like she always does--to see what she's doing.
Lila and Kenadie's newly-painted fingernails which they beg me to paint nearly every morning. 
Kenadie's awesome shark floaties that she wears all the time and everywhere.
Lila's scraped-up knees and Kenadie's mosquito-bitten legs. 
Kenadie saying "cheese" while trying to pull a funny face.
(Kenadie has a really hard time smiling nice for the camera or taking a decent picture.  The moment the camera is on her, she contorts her face and makes weird, animalistic noises.  It's just odd.)
My girls have certainly entered the realm of fighting over toys and my attention, but they are also super playmates and love each other to pieces.  I love capturing moments like these on camera. :) 

And then here are a few pictures from our little trip to the pond today. 

Kenadie was sooooo concerned that Lila would fall out of the kayak and drown, I had to calm her from a little meltdown and reassure her that Lila was okay.
Kenadie loved swimming around in the water (the pond water only comes up to her lower rib cage)
and Lila had the time of her life being pulled around the pond on the little kayak.
I love summers in Alaska and the fact that at 8pm the sun is still shining and it's still in the mid 70s.
This is the life! 

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