May 4, 2013

Pink Eye Palooza

We have dealt with the dreaded pink eye over the past week.  Translation: we have been cooped up and quarantined to our house this past week and are about to go crazy with cabin fever.

 Luckily, we've managed to keep mostly busy and have avoided too many pleas to go play with friends.

We've planted beans in clear plastic cups so the girls can see them sprout and grow.

We've done lots and lots of "princess dancing" around the house. 

We've made a lot of bread and yummy dinners.

We've taken silly pictures on my iPhone.

We've watched movies through swollen, goopy eyes while munching on bananas.

We've even been on a few walks (when it isn't snowing.)  

Kenadie has been walking around the house carrying pink and white clothes hangers and saying, "Your eyes are white like this hanger, Mom!  And mine are pink like this one!"
Somehow having pink eyes is cool and pretty and desirable when you're a pink-and-purple-obsessed 3 year old.  :)
Regardless, this mamma won't miss it when it's gone!  I'm so ready to get back to mornings at the library and play dates with friends, and I'm really ready to stop fighting with my girls to get eye drops in their eyes.
I'm also looking forward to the day when it stops snowing here.

Seriously, Alaska, this is just getting ridiculous.

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