May 11, 2013

Lila Claire

I love your gappy little grin.

I love that one of your favorite spots in the house is on Daddy's chiropratic roller massage table.

 I love your willingness and excitement to say cheese and smile whenever you see a phone that might take your picture. :)

I love how just like your sister, you too are a daddy's girl. (I also love your crazy, loose curls that you rarely let me keep tamed!)

 I love your little obsession with wearing glasses.

I love how much you are starting to love reading books to yourself and being read to.

I love how much you are starting to speak and put together short sentences.

I love that you love to say prayers and will loudly "pray" over the sound of anyone else who might be saying the prayer (even in church!). 

I love that you will find any skirt or dress and run to me shouting, "princess! princess!" wanting me to put it on you, and when I do you start spinning around and humming a little princess tune. 

I love that you want nothing more than to be outside all day, every day. 

I love how much you love to sit in your little pink chair whenever you watch a movie.
(And I love that your little tiger stuffed animal has to go everywhere with you and sleep with you!)

I don't necessarily love the sass and defiance that is coming out in you so much, but I love seeing your independent little personality shine more every day.

I love the way you say "technology", but wish you didn't want it all the time.

I love how you need several 2 minute snuggles every day but beyond that you do NOT want to be snuggled close.

I love how you follow your sister around and want to do whatever she does.

I love your obsession with wearing Kenadie's underwear.

 I love how you try to sing your ABC's and "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star".

I love how your favorite snack is a whole apple and that you will chip away at it all day until it's gone.
You are such a good, big eater!

Dear little girl, I love you so much.  Your tantrums have become more frequent, but so has the number of times you make me smile and laugh every day.  I love your snuggles.  I love your wonder at the world and your determination to learn and do more on your own.  I love being your mommy and am amazed by how much I have grown as a person, woman, wife, and mommy just by having you in our family these past two years.  Two years?!
Boy have they flown by!  My little baby is not so little anymore but I love you more and more every day.

(blurry picture courtesy of Kenadie)


Talia said...

I love these posts about your girls. :) The days are long and often tiring... but I love remembering the sweet, unique things about each child. :) It makes it all worth it!

Holly June said...

I so agree. Hardest job in the world, but also te most rewarding. :)

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