May 9, 2013


I love your zest for life.

I love your imagination. 

I love how before going to the library today, you dressed yourself in a maroon shirt, pink skirt, blue jacket, and hot pink water shoes. 

I love your spunk and that you call this pose your "body sass" pose:

I love that you help me cook every single meal--breakfast, lunch, and dinner-- nearly every day and I love how much you thank me for "doing a good job, Mom, and helping me out in the kitchen". 

I love that you will spend hours making your own fabulous culinary delicacies in your own kitchen (that thing is the gift that keeps on giving!). 

I love how you give me butterfly kisses when I tuck you into bed and then tell me what you are going to dream about that night (usually involves flying, fairies, clouds, stars, friends, and chocolates).  
I love how much you love chocolate.

I love how when you get frustrated with your sister, you start counting at her and then send her to time out. (Okay, I don't love that, but it does make me giggle a little)
I love how you include your sister in play, make sure that others are being nice to her, and request her to snuggle you first thing every morning. 

I love how incredibly relaxed you look when you sleep.

I love how difficult it is for you to pose for a picture without wanting to pull a face like this:

I love it when I can capture your sweet smile on camera.

I love how quick you are to forgive and love others who might say or do hurtful things to you. 
I love how much you look forward to your dates with Daddy.
I love playing with your beautiful long hair (when you let me!).

I love how much you enjoy learning.
I love how much you teach me about life, sacrifice, agency, kindness, obedience, forgiveness, patience, and love. 
I love whispering in your ear every night as you give me a goodnight hug, "thanks for letting me be your mommy." 
You are truly the best, little girl and make me a much better me.   
I love you.

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Camber said...

What a beautiful post, Holly. This makes me want to meet her :)

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