December 26, 2012

Lazy Day-After Christmas....

I slowly pieced my house back together this morning after a fun-and-crazy Christmas morning with my parents, siblings, and their kids.  
I lounged in my new, cozy pajamas until after noon. 
I collected all the girls' new jewelry and hung it up on their new jewelry hangers....

.....the girls watched their new movie while snuggling on their new pillow beds and with their new Disney princess quilts that Grandma Christensen made for them.  

And then my blessed niece watched my kiddos while I got to go watch the movie I've waited to see ALL YEAR LONG.

It did not disappoint and I bawled like a baby multiple times during the movie. 
Incredible acting, incredible music, incredible message.
And a perfect, lazy, day-after Christmas. :) 

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