December 23, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.....

Okay, I'll admit it:
this has been a miserable winter as far as weather is concerned and as much as I love my Alaska, I kind of want to get OUT for a little while.
It seems like we had straight wind from the middle of October to the beginning of December.  I'm not talking about a biting breeze, either.  These winds knock Kenadie completely on her rear and gusts range from 45-60mph.  It's awesome.
And then!  Then a few weeks ago we finally had our first snow.  It DUMPED on us, followed by a day of fog that left the trees completely white and sparkly.
It has been a winter wonderland.

And yes, this is what I see outside my window as I wake up!  
I live in a postcard. :)

And then the other day it started blowing again.  
The wind blew all the snow away and it's so nasty outside that we had to cancel Christmas caroling tonight due to hurricane winds.  
At least we got a few weeks of snowy paradise......and at least we've had plenty of things to keep us occupied indoors. :)

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