October 7, 2012

Weekend recap so far

Friday ~ 
  Garrett is at an all-day Chiropractic Convention in Anchorage.
  The babies destroyed the house by noon.
  It rained HARD. all. day. long.
  Made and frosted cookies with Kenadie to give to friends
  Unable to deliver cookies to friendss who weren't home
  Dropped a few cookies in the rain.
  Fed the birds soggy cookies.
  Made a urology appointment for Kenadie (who has had some atypical problems of a girl who has been potty-trained for nearly a year).
  Got ambitious and decided to take an afternoon grocery shopping trip with the girls.
  While loading Baby Lila in the car, had to quickly run and snatch Kenadie who had sat in a mud puddle in the middle of the road.
  Returned to the car to discover it was locked with Lila inside.
  Called a lockout service while Kenadie hysterically screamed for Baby Lila in the background.
  Said a quick prayer with Kenadie to "help my sister and make me feel better".
  Got the car open, completed our shopping.
  Put the babies to bed after Kenadie said a prayer that included an entire recap of the "Lila locked in the car" episode as well as a "thank you for helping her."  (So precious!)
  Garrett came home.
  Garrett gave me an adjustment (I am the luckiest girl!)
  Began watching "Once Upon a Time" on Netflix.
  Went to bed.
  Not the greatest day, but I loved the tender moment of teaching Kenadie how the Lord will answer prayers and calm us when we are scared.  I also loved the adjustment--thank you, honey!  I hope the birds loved the cookies.

Saturday ~
  Phone call at 5am to see if I'd be willing to come in to work extra today.  No thanks!
  Kenadie and Lila up by 6:30am.
  Garrett is at an all-day Chiropractic Convention in Anchorage.
  Breakfast done and all us dressed by 8am.
  Listened to the General Conference of our church all morning and afternoon.
  Felt very enlightened by the messages delivered in Conference.
  Completed the following while listening to conference:
        made bread
        cleaned out refrigerator
        entertained children
        cleaned bathrooms
        organized pantry
        cleaned kitchen
        cleaned floors
        laundry (cleaned, folded, put away.  NEVER happens.  Happy dance!)
  Bathed the girls
  Called my sister to wish her luck in the Chicago marathon
  Made creamy tomato basil soup with tomatoes and fresh basil from my mommy's greenhouse.  Completed dinner with fresh "nuts and bolts" bread. Yum!
  Garrett came home.
  Babies in bed.
  Watched "Once Upon a Time".
  Went to bed.
  Pretty awesome day!

Sunday ~
  Kenadie in our bed by 5:30am whimpering incessantly.  My sleep is over.
  Garrett is at an all-day Chiropractic Convention in Anchorage (so ready for this dad-gum thing to be over!)
  Cranky girls this morning.
  Inability to really listen to today's Conference messages due to the cranky children.  Sigh.  They are so worth it, though. :)
  House destroyed already?!

What I'm planning for the rest of my Sunday ~
  Really listen to at least a few Conference messages today without too much interruption.
  Enjoy my girls.
  Prepare everything for the girls tomorrow when I go to work.
  Figure out something for dinner.
  Welcome Garrett home.
  Watch the Chargers game.
  Somehow convince Kenadie that sleep is awesome and she doesn't need to wake up at 5 every morning and come into our bed and whimper/play/squirm around.
  Make Oreo popcorn.
  I'm going to have an awesome day despite the rocky start.


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