September 26, 2012

Pinterest Strikes Again!

Kenadie has discovered the exciting world of painting!

And thanks to Pinterest, I have been collecting all sorts of painting (and other artistic) activities for her to do.
The other day the girls made ghosts with their footprints:

I raided our local thrift store the other day and came out with all sorts of loot to fill our "crafts and activities" closet full enough to keep us busy this winter.
Like making a glow-in-the-dark bath for the girls.
Or finding a use for the millions of rocks in the gravel pit across from our house.
Or doing fun science experiments with Kenadie at home. 
Or painting and gluing together clothes-pin airplanes.
Or playing with "cloud dough".
Or painting snowmen with "snow paint"
Pinterest, you are a mom's best friend!

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