October 10, 2012

This week in random pictures

Kenadie and Kassi: BFF's. 
(at the Fall Festival, and making cookie wands together)

Kenadie with her cookie wand:

Lila woke up from her nap covered in blood from a nose bleed:
 Kind of a scene from a horror flick.  After stripping off her bloody clothes and bedding, I managed to snap a picture of the carnage.  So appropriate for the season.
Happy Halloween!

This little lady gets deprived of many-a-nap being carted around to run Mommy's errands: 
I was having a super-productive day, and we were about to hit our last stop (grocery shopping) but when I turned around to see the above sight and realized that this was the 3rd time she had fallen asleep in the car that day, I skipped getting the groceries and just sat in the car listening to Pandora for 1/2 hour with Kenadie while Lila napped.

Kenadie wearing the hat to a Halloween costume meant for an infant:

Sometimes Kenadie just can't take it anymore and crashes on the couch.
These days it only happens about once a month.  I guess I need to wear her out more or something because I can't imagine the bliss of having her actually nap consistently, or even occasionally for that matter! 

After I had a rough day last week, my husband came home with these:
I love that guy. 

Kenadie has been having a blast playing with "cloud dough" lately. 

One cup baby oil for eight cups of flour and it molds like wet sand.  She spends a good hour at a time playing with it and asks to get out her cloud dough first thing every morning. 
(please take notice of my continued progress on the skill of french braiding.  It does not come natural to me!)

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Meg said...

Before I read that last sentence, I actually was admiring your french braids and thinking that I need to learn that for my future girls. :)

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