October 15, 2012

The Lord Giveth....

I found out the other day that my sweet, beautiful, angelic 19-year-old patient battling with brain cancer passed away.
I feel relief and happiness that my young friend is now free from her diseased mortal body and able to get back to doing what she so loved--serving the Lord--but my heart aches for her family.
No one should have to watch helplessly as their loved one suffers so tremendously.
No one should have to bury their child at such a tender age.
But these things seem especially unfair when they happen to such good, kind, giving people. 
I am so grateful for the peace brought by the knowledge of a loving Heavenly Father who's plan is for us to be reunited someday and live with our families eternally.
That being said, I have been holding my little girls a little tighter the past few days.  Stresses over paying bills, a dirty house, Kenadie's behavior, my girls' refusal to sleep at night, and even some minor health issues seem so insignificant lately and I can't help but feel completely blessed and spoiled just to have my family surrounding me safe and sound in our little home. 
What more could I really ask for?

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