August 8, 2012


A few weeks ago we took our most-anticipated stay-cation of the summer: a long weekend at my Aunt Bonnie's cabin near Seldovia, a teeny-tiny town located on the Kachemak Bay.  Trips to Sledovia are all about relaxation because it is the prefect get-away location.  

After getting up at 3am and making the 5 hour drive to Homer (most beautiful drive ever), we boarded a ferry to Seldovia.  Along the way we saw plenty of puffins, sea otters, and bald eagles.  The trip over to Seldovia was beautiful.

 Kenadie LOVED the boat.

After getting to Seldovia, we hopped on my uncle's smaller boat to their cabin.  The view of the bay (and Seldovia in the distance) on one side of the cabin:

And the view of the open ocean on the other side:

We were blessed with sunny, warm days which we spent doing the following:  kayaking in the bay, spear fishing, hunting for crabs when the tide went out of the bay, having cookouts on the beach, collecting sand dollars, shells, rocks and sea shells along the beach, hiking, and playing lots of games in the cabin at night.  It was really the highlight of our summer!  Now for the picture overload........

Sunset on the beach (Mt. Iliamna--an active volcano--in the distance):

Hiking Mount Molar.  

Garrett is hiking right along the edge of a cliff (hard to tell by the pictures), which made me pretty nervous. 

The whole family sitting on the edge of one of the cliffs (now I'm reeeeally nervous!)

A bald eagles' nest, with little eaglets inside and a nervous mama eagle nearby.

And here we are exploring the tide pools below Mt Molar (see the cliffs?).

Hiking through the woods to a small lake where a family of otters live.

We had lots of fun at the bay-side of the beach......

We all got a chance to go kayaking:

Garrett made a spear for fishing (and Kenadie tried to make her own, too!)

Sadie, Annie, and Reagan spear fishing during low tide:

During low tide, Sadie went crab hunting and caught plenty to show to the kids.   This one was obviously a little shy.

Fun walks along the beach:

I kid you not, the rocks and boulders along the beach were so colorful and beautiful! 

Garrett and my Uncle Chris found this weird ocean millipede along-side the beach (still alive, ew!).

There were so many sea otters swimming around, it was ridiculous.

It was a fun-filled, sleep-deprived four days, and by our last night at the cabin, Kenadie completely crashed by 7:30pm.

We cannot wait for next summer and definitely hope to make this a tradition.  Thanks so much Bonnie and Chris for the fabulous vacation!

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