June 5, 2012

My baby is one!

Tomorrow my baby girl turns one, and I'm scratching my head as to where this last year has gone! 
Wasn't it just a few months ago that she came careening (quite literally) into this world!?

 Didn't we just take these precious newborn pictures a few weeks ago?

And now we're here!?

At the getting-into-everything, way-too-cute-for-her-own-good, cruising-the-furniture, starting-to-throw-tantrums, one-year-old phase?
This is, by the way, my favorite phase in baby-hood, and I can't quite get enough of her.  

A little bit about Lila Claire at one year old:

~ For the past few months, she flat-out refuses to be fed.  She will only eat what she can feed to herself.  So no yogurt, no pureed baby foods, no mashed potatoes.  Nope!

~ Her favorite foods: bananas, scrambled eggs, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, macaroni.  So healthy, right?

~ She is cruising furniture, but nowhere close to walking--I'm completely fine with this! 

~ She has a bigger obsession and attraction to the toilet than Kenners did.  I'm pretty certain that my fervent prayers are the only things that have kept this toilet-monger from getting horribly sick.....shiver!

~ She weighs in at about 23 pounds (75% percentile) and I know is that she is super tall (I'm sure in the 99% percentile like her sister). 

~ She waves "bye-bye", blows kisses, gives kisses, gives high-fives, and claps.  Kind of ridiculous how excited we get over such simple tricks, huh?

~ Her first words: "Hi, daddy!"  She says this every time Garrett comes home from work.  I have no idea where she got this from or how she has managed to say a phrase before building any sort of a vocabulary, but it is pretty cute.  I have convinced myself that she has purposefully said "mama" a few times.  

~ She LOVES Kenadie and follows her around like a puppy dog.

~ If she is ever in a fussy mood, a dip into the bathtub with her sister will turn that around right away!

~ She is a thumb-sucker.  I'll hate it later, but right now it is the cutest thing ever.

~ She loves her mommy, which is my saving grace while I battle with a toddler who has already informed me that I am mean. 

~ She also loves her Grandma Willardson, probably almost as much as she loves her mommy!

~ She gets smooched on all the time by her mommy, daddy, sister, and countless relatives and handles it all with little fussing.

~ She threw her first tantrum the other day when Garrett took a toy away from her so she could go to sleep.  It was kind of cute (and I know I won't think so anymore pretty soon here). 

~ She likes to shake her little booty and dance to music. 

~ She has nine teeth--popped her first molar the other week and has more on the way! 

~ She is such a happy, sweet, cuddly baby.

Happy birthday, baby girl!  I could never express just how much I love you and how much joy you bring to our family.  It has been a wonderful year. 

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