May 3, 2012

Yoga for Kenadie

I love yoga.  
By far my most favorite work-out. 
 Completing a yoga work-out at home is a bit of a challenge when surrounded by a toddler and baby who crawl all over me during each pose.  So I formulated a way to involve Kenadie into a little yoga session.  I laminated a bunch of cards with pictures of what each yoga pose is named after.

I have a crow for "crow pose", a dog for "downward dog pose", a ballerina for "dancer's pose", and so on.  When Lila goes down for a nap, I spread the yoga cards on the floor and let Kenadie pick one.  Then we do the pose that matches the picture on the card.  
 Cobra Pose 
(excuse the pant-less Kenners.  Her pants are all in the wash as she has boycotted using the toilet the last few days.)

The Downward Dog

At least this new method for doing yoga helps me to get in some form of physical activity during the day, and I think I may have a little yogi on my hands. :)   

1 comment:

Jensen Wheeler Wolfe said...

Maybe she needs a mat!

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