May 3, 2012

Our Happy Hopper!

A month or so ago
I created this little poster board.... hopes that working towards a reward might encourage Kenadie to do some of the things she would rather not, namely: using the potty, brushing her teeth, picking up her books, eating her veggies, etc. 
I would love to say that this tactic has produced a girl who always uses the potty, has good dental hygiene, loves salads, and picks up after herself. 
Weeeeelllll........sometimes she has decided that doing those things is cool, and sometimes she could care less about getting another sticker on her poster board.  At least she is motivated half the time, and for a girl who isn't quite 3 years old but has a mind of her own, I'd say that's pretty good! The other day she reached a whole row of stickers for pooping in the potty (that took a long time to achieve!), and her reward was a trip to "Happy Hoppers", a little bouncy house not from from our home.  And my goodness, did she have fun! 
I tried to get pictures of her before careening down the slide, but she would hold no pose or sit still for longer than 0.2 seconds.  So most of my shots were of her blurring past the camera.

Of course little Lila had the time of her life just crawling/bouncing around and chasing bouncy balls everywhere. 

Guess who's asking to go to Happy Hoppers again!?  And guess who's been MUCH better about doing things to get stickers on that poster so she can earn herself another trip!?  
Best idea I've had in months???  Probably.

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