March 7, 2012

The 10 best things about this past week:

(in no particular order)

1. Knowing that I live in my favorite place on earth.  Yes, it's cold and snowy right now and yes, December and January are dark months.  However, the white, majestic mountains against the sunny, blue sky yesterday was a breath-taking sight.  The air is so clean and fresh.  Is there anything better than drinking pure water that has never had to be filtered or bottled?  And not to mention the brilliant Northern Lights last night!  Ahhh.......I love Alaska.

2.  Stepping onto the elevator during a particularly difficult day at work and standing next to a man and his son (who must have been 4 years old tops).  The man turned to his son and said, "Look, she is a nurse, and nurses are angels on earth.  Very special people who do a very special work."  Did I begin to weep as soon as they left?  How could I not!?  To that kind man: thank you for saving my sanity and my attitude that day. :)

3. Kenadie kept begging for my attention the other day.  Even after Garrett was home from work, she willingly ran up to me, and whined, "Mama!  Mama!" so I would hold her.  After spending months avoiding me and spending every opportunity to hit/sass/yell/run away from me, it does my heart so much good to have her WANT to snuggle me!  I'm crazy about that little girl.

4.  Sushi.  After a shortened work day, a few of the nurses on my floor and our boss had a lunch meeting at a sushi place.  Have I mentioned how much I love sushi!?  I could eat it all day everyday!

5.  Having a play-date at the Dairy Queen playground.  The first playgroup we've been to since moving to Alaska and the first time Kenadie has been to a fast food playground.  Apparently she is deprived of fun in her life, because every 5 minutes she would run up to me and shout, "Mom!  I'm having fun!!!"

6.  Lila has been sucking her thumb more and more.  I know I'll be sorry later because we'll eventually have to break this habit, but for now it is the cutest thing ever.  And since she refuses a pacifier, the thumb has been calming during her fussy times.  Win-win!

7.  My neck and shoulder muscles have been so tight, locked up, and in pain that even muscle relaxants haven't provided relief and I have had the hardest time sleeping and getting up in the morning.  I feel like an old lady!  Until I am able to better manage stress without having my muscles turn to rocks, I am soooo fortunate to have a massage therapist and chiropractor for a husband.  I am the luckiest!  I don't know what I'd do without the relief that adjustments and massages provide.  Thanks, babe!

8.  Tax refund is in the bank account and I think we may be able to get a second car soon.  So excited about this!

9.  Spending a few key moments with Garrett at the end of the day.  As we juggle our busy work schedules, our family, and church responsibilities, I sometimes feel like we have enough time throughout the day to say "hi", "have a good day" and "goodnight" to each other.  However, the few moments we have had to talk or do dishes at the end of the day this past week have been the best and most therapeutic minutes of my day.  I'm so grateful to have Garrett as my companion.

10.  Although my work schedule will be a little crazy in the next few months, I somehow will have 6 Sundays in a row off from work!  It's crazy how much more I have appreciated church since I have had to miss it for work so often.  I am really looking forward to these next 6 Sundays.

                                                      .......yep, I live the good life. :)

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