January 3, 2012

Christmas Highlights

There was a lot more going on at Christmas time this year besides snowboarding and Kenadien getting her kitchen from Santa.  It's just been hectic around here trying to balance work, Christmas preparations, and spending time with all the family who live close by and the family who have been visiting from out-of-state. 
However, I wouldn't change all the chaos the past few weeks because we've had a blast.  A few highlights in pictures....

Kenners, her cousin Ben, and grandpa were pretty inseparable.  From dancing, to riding grandpa's four wheeler, to swimming in the pool at the hotel, they had a blast. 

 Brookie: you are missing from these pictures. :(

Speaking of inseparable, Sandy and Lila were pretty much connected at the hip for the past few weeks:

We spent an entire day making (and snacking on) Christmas goodies with family and friends.  

We had a great Christmas Eve with our Christensen family: eating the best smoked ribs ever, reading the Christmas story from Luke 2 while the kids acted out the nativity, and then carrying out the Christensen tradition of burning candles.

Kenners was not too thrilled when the smoke detectors went off!

We have been living in a winter wonderland the past few weeks.  So much beautiful snow and gorgeous sunsets to top it off.  I love Alaska.  

Christmas wishes fulfilled: Lila got her two front teeth in time for Christmas, and she's working on 4 more!

After opening presents and feeling utterly spoiled by our gifts, we enjoyed going to church as a family and focusing on the best gift we have received, that of our Savior's birth, life, Atonement, and Resurrection.

 We ended the weeks of partying with a "small" gathering of 50+ people at my parents' house New Year's Eve with a tortilla soup party and fireworks.  
And then, my siblings left to go back to Utah and Maryland.  :(  
As sad as it is to see them go and as much as I detest the post-Christmas-blues, I am craving some routine, organization, and sleep in my life.  And I think my girls are too. 
I already have a loooong list of things to accomplish this year, among them: potty training, making my first quilt with my brand new sewing machine, and finally finishing unpacking and organizing the house.  I think I'll just start on that list tomorrow. :)

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