November 10, 2011


What do you get when the following are combined into one week?

A chiropractic internship,
a full time nursing job,
two babies,
a lot of family close-by,
Garrett's parents visiting from out of town,
the baptism of our friends, the Flowerdew family,
and an early celebration of Garrett's 30th birthday and graduation (which is next Friday!).

Well, I'll tell you what you get:

little sleep
a lot of good food
great memories
lots of hugs and kisses
memorable spiritual experiences
a tired mommy and daddy
and a flat screen TV.

The above in pictures?  Right this way......
The girls bonding with Papa and Grandma:

 There is plenty of time for us all to bond:

Our hips bond with the extra calories from delicious banana boats that Kanani and Lanie helped me to make:

Garrett, Kenners, Maile, and Ethan bonding over their unsuccessful attempt at starting a fire in the middle of an infamous Palmer windstorm:

Garrett bonds with his new graduation/birthday present (can you tell he's just a little happy about this!?): 

We loved spending so much time with family between our busy schedules.
We loved being a part of the Flowerdew's baptism and the special spirit that surrounds that family.
Garrett has been loving his TV and can't stop watching "Planet Earth" on it.  He is so giddy.  And I'm afraid he is now completely spoiled. :)

And now, we're pooped and in serious need of catching up on some sleeeeeep..... 


cmc photography said...

great photos! The cake looked DELICIOUS!! And, yay for big-screen TVs. Happy days all around!

Taylor said...

Hopefully he's watching it on Blu-ray. I'm converting my fiance to them, and a TV like that would do the trick, I think.

The Allen Family said...

love you guys! Congrats Garrett!!!! Isn't it so nice when things are just really working out? So happy for you guys!

Syclist said...

Well done you two. Congrats Garrett on school!

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