October 20, 2011

She's starting to grow up!

Little Lila has discovered the joys of using her hands to shove anything and everything into her mouth.
This has been a big blessing for me as she is now able to entertain herself for small segments of time.
I say small, because this baby's true desire and contentment is to be held and paid attention to and if she begins to feel neglected, she has the pipes to voice her disapproval.
She is so different from her independent, big sister who was content to play by herself for long periods of time (and still is) and who was practically crawling by this age.
But little Lila?  She has not even made an attempt to roll over at her 4 1/2 months. 
And I'm pretty okay with it.  These last few months have been such a busy blur that I do not want my baby to grow up too fast! 
It is fun to watch her begin to play with toys and enjoy her exer-saucer, though. 


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