October 20, 2011

Our home so far....

Progress on unpacking and refinishing furniture has been slow and it still continues.  In fact, here's a little peek at Kenadie's room:

We don't have finished dressers for clothes yet, so all our clothing has been in big bins.  As you can see, Kenners enjoys repeatedly dumping out the bins and creating big messes. :)

And here's our room so far:

Also a mess with just a mattress for our bed and a little Kenners to un-make the bed by 10am every morning.  
But.....at least the living area of our home is beginning to look presentable!

Our family/TV room. 

Everything in this room--the rug, end table, couches (with memory foam cushions!), TV, entertainment stand, and large, solid wood cradle (that we are keeping blankets in for now) were all purchased for under $600.  I love craigslist! :)

The view from our living room:

The view from the front door: 

Our ginormous, solid wood bookshelf that we got for $50:

Our in-perfect-condition keyboard that Garrett found at the dump (score!):

Hooray for fiNaLly getting settled in!
Coming soon: before-and-after photos of the three dressers and two nightstands that we are refinishing.  Stay tuned.......

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