September 30, 2011

Moving Again!

But not out of the state. 
(I told Garrett that if we were going to move up here, it better be for awhile. 
Too much moving in the past ten years.  I'm exhausted.)

We're actually just moving a few miles away into a cute little house.  
That's right: a HOUSE!  With our own garage.  With our own washer and dryer.  With appliances that aren't falling apart.  With a yard for the girls to play in and a patio to grill on.  
Please pinch me and tell me that I'm not dreaming!!  I'm just a little excited........

So we're moving tomorrow (yay!).  Garrett is out doing the massive grocery and household shopping trip,
and I am trying to rectify the fact that baby Lila has far too few pictures taken of her.  
Is she not a doll!?

I know I've said it before, but she is perfect.  So cute.  So cuddly.  Loves to babble.  Loves to sleep.  Perfect.

And then there's my awesome and sassy Kenners:

I'm loving soaking in every moment with my girls before I go back into the workforce full-time next week.  I'm happy, excited, nervous, and sad about it all at the same time. 
Hard to leave my little toots, but so blessed to have a job that I actually enjoy, incredible family nearby, and the cutest girls on the planet to come home to.  
Oh yeah, and that husband of mine.  He is pretty fantastic as well. :)
Pretty sure that life doesn't get better.


Meg said...

Congrats, Holly! What a blessed life right now. I hope it just keeps getting better!

Ellis family said...

Oh I miss those girls! Lila is just munchable! And Brookey misses her Kennwes!

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