September 28, 2011


Nearly four months after baby Lila's birth,
I give you the first family photo:

 It took a lot to get this photo....
Kenners would NOT sit on Daddy's lap without a fight.
So off of Daddy's lap she went!
Then Kenners insisted on hitting her baby sister a few time and making her cry.
Then she began to cover her eyes.

And we only got a decent picture after she insisted on having a picture of just herself!

But, if you remember this post, than you'll know that Kenadie's behavior in this family photo shoot is a vast improvement from the family photo shoot from last summer. :)

And of course, a picture of just Garrett and I.  So rare these days.

Of course, that photo only came after a photo like this one:
hmm....I wonder where Kenadie gets it!?

And then we took pictures of my family (and their dog Dakota):

which only came after pictures like these:
Stop the madness!
Apparently, Kenadie's antics run in the family.....

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