August 26, 2011


Blessing #1:
I made the 6 hour plane ride to Alaska with my two girls a few weeks ago.
I was prepared with plenty of snacks, a portable DVD player with movies for Kenadie, and a car seat to strap her into (to prevent escapes into the aisle).  
Kenners was prepared with some kick-happy legs that annoyed the heck out of the guy sitting in front of her.  I felt bad, but thought that if it was the worst thing that happened on the flight, I'd be extremely happy. 
Then a few minutes before take-off and right when I thought no one else would be sitting on my right (hallelujah), a lady who could barely walk and who was extremely heavy sat next to me, leaving me with only about 1/2 of my seat left for myself and Lila.  No matter, I thought.  This lady is probably really nice.
I smiled at the lady and said "hi".
She looked at me, looked at Lila, and said, "Now this little baby is going to sleep the whole way and not cry or fuss at all right?  So I can get some rest.  You promise, right little baby??"
Well, we survived the flight, and that was a blessing. 

Blessing #2:
Garrett and my dad made the 3500+ mile drive to Alaska from Minnesota without any car trouble or falling asleep at the wheel, all in 65 hours (that must be a record or something). 
Both were a little brain-dead for a day or two, but they made it safe and sound pulling a small trailer with all our belongings.  
Oh yeah, this is the view from our home.  So blessed!

Blessing #3:
A few days after Garrett and my dad made it to Alaska, Garrett was able to give baby Lila a blessing and name in church.
It was so special to have so much of both families present for Lila's blessing: both sets of grandparents, both of Garrett's sisters and their families, two of my sisters, and my Aunt Peggy.

Lila had a very special connection with her Great Aunt Peggy:

Family is such a blessing and I'm so happy to be here in Alaska surrounded by so many of them.
I am also feeling very blessed to have little Lila in our family.  
She has really settled into life the past few weeks and become quite the happy little baby.  She is also just about as sweet and as cute as they come.
Such a blessing in our family.

Love her.


Tina and Eric said...

So glad you made it up safe and sound! And I'm a little jealous of all the family and scenery you get to soak in! You're making me miss AK!!!

Jenny Willardson said...

Aw, we're so sad we only missed you by a few days! Hopefully we'll see you someday soon (And we can love on that precious little lady!)

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