July 10, 2011

Hoppy Birthday!

We decided to celebrate Kenadie's birthday a week late so that we could have a party with her Ellis cousins.
She had a froggie cake:

which she loved, and screamed all the way to her cousins' house because I wouldn't let her hold it in her lap. :) 
It was my first venture into any sort of cake decorating, and as amateur-ish as this cake might look, it took a dang long time to make and decorate!  I definitely need to take a class or two....

Kenners loved blowing out the candles and opening her presents.

 (And Auntie Katie loved lovin' on little Lila. :)

Kenadie got an awesome vintage toy clock and a coloring pad from her Ellis cousins.
Garrett and I got her a baby doll and a stroller.
Best 20 dollar investment ever.
It has entertained her all day.
It also entertained Garrett and I as Kenadie every-so-often stops strolling and tells her baby, "Do it again, go time out!"  She's even put her baby in time out several times today! 
(Kenadie and time-out have been BFFs the last few days due to her sudden obsession with hitting Lila, or running over her with the stroller.  Nice.)
Hoppity Birthday, Kenners!

And that officially ends the long string of "birthday posts" for her on this blog. :)

1 comment:

The Allen Family said...

Her birthday cake turned out absolutely adorable. Nice work! It was so great to talk to you the other day. Keep me posted on the whole move! Good luck.

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