July 19, 2011


 That was the heat index yesterday.  
The only time this kind of heat and humidity is nice
is when you can sit by the pool and occasionally jump in to keep cool.
Unfortunately, it's kind of difficult to do with a newborn and a toddler.
Plus, our pool area is full of people who are smoking, drinking, and look like they're about to pass out, puke, or hurt someone.
That combined with not being able to go anywhere (Garrett has the car all day during the week)
leaves us with staying at home and inside.
 And here is the result so far this week:
A cabin-fever-Kenadie
up at 6:30am, refusing naps, and fighting sleep until after 9pm,
 made 5 big messes and stomped on her baby sister 3+ times,
swiped a binkie from who-knows-where,
 drew all over the recliner again with blue ink,
has been begging to walk outside all day,
is a little on the cranky side.
Poor girl.....
But hey, at least we're keeping cool! :)

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