June 11, 2011

Never were there such devoted sisters

 Kenners adores her sister.
Which translates into Mommy having to watch her like a hawk.  
Kenadie likes to hold "Baby Ly-lee" but would like to do it by herself, standing up, thank-you-very-much!
  She also likes to give"Ly-lee" her binkie, but she's still learning that we don't forcefully shove the binkie in her mouth.....Kenners is also learning that we don't steal baby sister's binkie.  Binkies are for babies and Kenners is no longer a baby.  I have a hunch that this lesson will probably take awhile to sink in..... :) but fortunately Lila doesn't seem to be too interested in a binkie at this point anyway.

I can tell that this adjustment is already a little hard for Kenadie who isn't used to sharing the attention, but I'm just so grateful that she loves her sister so much already, is eager to help, and is always concerned and lets Mommy know whenever Lila is crying.
I really am so proud of and love my little Kenadie even more than ever.
It is a blessing to see these little sisters side by side.
I look forward to the days when they will be best buddies and playmates.  :)


Misner Family said...

So cute. I cant wait to see them together in person.
Hope everything is going well, and GREAT job keeping up with the posts. I cant believe you have pictures of Lila up already ;) you're awesome.

Kristy said...

Sweet babies!! Little Lila does look like Kenadie, but it seems with a hint more Holly. Anyway, glad birth experience was so great, too...you're a stud!!! Love you all so much!!!

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