June 1, 2011


This is "Kennews" and "Bwookie" (as they are known to each other):
(and this is a hijacked picture from my sister's blog. :)  Thanks, Katie!)

They are BFF cousins.
Whenever we get in the car, Kenadie constantly repeats, "Bwookie?  Bwookie!!!" 
And when she realizes that we aren't going to Bwookie's house but to church, or the store, or daycare, 
she gets quite upset.  
It is precious how much Kenadie loves her cousin.....even if she does have a bit of a bully streak in her and rarely likes to share toys (working on that one). 

Aside from being BFFs--sometimes "frenemies"--Kennews and Bwookie are also partners in crime. 
In the past week they have made 2-3 attempts at running away from home.  They were successful once, disappearing for 5-10 minutes while we frantically searched the neighborhood for them.  We found them a good 100 yards away from my sister's house in a ditch between two soccer fields:  Brookie had shed her pants somewhere; both hadn't a care in the world; it was awesome. 
Then on Monday I discovered who might be the culprit of these little escapades when I spotted Kenadie racing across the same soccer fields with Brookie and a few other toddlers starting to curiously follow behind..... 
Wish list for future home: a fenced-in yard.

Needless to say, besides the mischief that two little toddlers can muddle up together, it is so fun getting Kennews and Bwookie together and watching them run around, squeal, and play.  
I don't even want to think about the tragedy that awaits them both when we move away and they are separated.....
Hey Katie, wanna move your family to Alaska with us!? :)

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Taffy and Tony said...

Cousins are really the best kind of friends! So fun that they already love each other!

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