May 23, 2011

Looks can be deceiving

Here I am with under 3 weeks left to go in this pregnancy:

I was told multiple times yesterday at church that I look "great" and way too tiny to be full-term.
I was also told that it must be nice (as in a lot less uncomfortable) being so small.
Well, thank you! 
It is nice to not be super huge. 
I'm sure it's making for less stretch marks.
may I suggest that looks can be deceiving......
I had my 37 week check-up a few days ago.
Baby is head down, sitting very low, and my body is ready to push this baby out whenever she decides she's ready.  Great! 
During the appointment, the doctor also helped to validate some of the discomforts I've recently had: 
this is not a tiny baby
In his words, "Well, you hide your babies really well because this girl is going to be solid."
He guessed that she's well over 7lbs at this point.
Ah, so that's why I feel like I have no room left despite my seemingly-petite exterior and why her head feels like a giant bowling ball crushing me "down there" (especially since she's dropped).  I've got myself a good-sized baby! 
So with that bit of information: little baby, you may come out as soon as you wish!  I'm not expecting it for another 3 weeks, but I'd rather push you out before you get too much bigger.....
On the other hand, on a morning like today when your big sister has woken up on the wrong side of the bed and is keeping my hands more than full, I think I can handle your antics inside my abdomen a little longer..... :)

But rest-assured, little baby, you have one awesome and fun big sister who can't wait to meet you whenever you do decide to join us.
You two are going to have so much fun together.


Clint and Whit Smith said...

You do look great, but I feel your pain. I never got very big either but just because you're not big does not mean you are not uncomfortable. Good luck with everything and I can't wait to see picture of the new little girl. Two kids are great!

Jenny Willardson said...

Haha! That's exactly what happened to me! Everyone said that I looked small for being full term. Even the midwives and doctor told me that my fears of having a big baby (ehem, genetics) weren't anything to worry about - "you certainly won't have a baby over 8 lbs!" Ha! 9 lb 3 oz - Fooled them all! I guess them saying that probably made it easier for my delivery because I didn't have anxiety over not being able to push him out. You'll do fine - the good news is that you've already delivered a decent-sized baby! Well, I hope she comes soon - the sooner, the smaller!

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